Okanagan Pilates - Testimonials

For the past eight years I have been going to Okanagan Pilates two to three times a week and have come to rely on the programs and Eileen’s expertise to guide me towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. When it comes to Pilates, Eileen is both knowledgeable and dedicated to giving her clientele the attention they need, and her studio is a calming retreat from the world outside. I have gained strength and flexibility and enjoy skiing and golf more today than I did 10 years ago. I highly recommend Okanagan Pilates to anyone wanting to experience Pilates in a positive and successful way.

Lu Nielsen

Let me begin by saying I will scrimp, save, work extra hours, I will even take a second or third job (and have!) to continue my Pilates practice at OPH. That is how important Pilates is to me!

I began Pilates at a time when I needed a change in my life both physically and personally. That was 2003. Since then my Pilates practice at OPH has seen me through a divorce, two car accidents, a bachelors degree, masters degree, the start of my own business and finally… the man of my dreams. No matter how I am feeling physically or personally my Pilates practice is easily modified with astute guidance from Eileen or Jennifer who continually but mindfully challenge me just that much more. It is such a reward to feel strong in my body but the even greater gift is the personal strength, confidence and respect for my body I’ve gained through my Pilates practice at OPH.

With much gratitude,
Ketrena N. Schultz

It has been many years since I first started pilates with Eileen and I can’t say enough great things about her.  From the slow beginning of just figuring out how to breath correctly to celebrating almost full recovery one year after a stroke, I have learned so much!  After my stroke we had to work together to re-learn how to use my right side to get it as strong and coordinated as my left and Eileen was very encouraging and supportive through the entire process.  I convinced my husband to start going too and now he is more flexible and aware of his agility than ever.  Working with Eileen has allowed me to achieve such flexibility, tone and strength that I hate to go more than a week without pilates!

Jennifer Monaghan