• OPH functions largely by appointment. New participants are welcome to call.
  • All sessions/classes at OPH are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise stated.
  • Please be on time and prepared for your class.
  • Please be respectful of classes in session upon your arrival.
  • Because some OPH clients suffer from environmental allergies we request that you refrain from using products that contain fragrance when visiting the studio.
  • While in the studio cell phones should be left on at your discretion.
  • Please wear comfortable exercise clothing (may be loose fitting but not bulky) Shoes should not be worn, as they are restrictive.
  • Remove soiled and wet outdoor footwear before entering studio.
  • Personal belongings are to be stored in waiting area closet and cubbies.
  • All equipment should be sanitized following usage.
  • Studio Director has final approval on appropriate program placement.

Private and Semi-private sessions are available at OPH on an on-going basis.
Small group classes are offered with a variety of start dates and durations. To inquire, or, to book sessions and/or register for programs please contact Eileen:

Programs and sessions will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

  • Fees are payable in advance and do not include GST. Payment can be made by VISA, MASTERCARD, Debit or cash.
  • Fees may be paid in full or in 2 installments with the second installment by post-dated Cheque.
  • Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and must be used within six months of date of purchase.
  • NSF Cheques: Returned cheques will be subject to a $20.00 service charge.
  • Third Party Billing: OPH does not bill to a third party. All clients are responsible for advance payment and must seek re-imbursement directly (i.e. ICBC, WCB, private health insurer, etc.)
  • Refunds for medical reasons must be accompanied by medical documentation.
  • OPH reserves the right to cancel a program if there is insufficient enrollment. You will be notified as soon as possible to permit re scheduling.
  • Program classes missed are non-refundable.
  • The Studio Director may permit the client to attend a make-up class where notice of the absence was given in advance and space is available.  But:
    • please give the Studio Director as much notice as possible of your need to be absent from a class;
    • make-up classes must be completed within the same scheduling period;  they are not carried forward from one scheduling period to the next ; and
    • make-up classes must be arranged through the Studio Director and are at the sole discretion of the Studio Director.
  • Private sessions require 24 hours cancellation notice.
  • OPH instructor-led group classes and programs  may  be pro-rated, but pro-rating is at the sole discretion of the Studio Director, is subject to availability, and must be addressed with the Studio Director prior to registration.